Anil Kapoor Laments the work being produced in Bollywood

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor has completed four decades in the industry.

Karachi: Anil Kapoor completes 40 years in the Bollywood industry. He said that ‘If any director was doing a good job, I would go and ask him for work without shame.”

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor has completed four decades in the industry.

In his four-decade film journey, 63-year-old Anil Kapoor has played all kinds of roles on screen. Whatever the role, Anil Kapoor has brought these characters to life on screen with his acting.

Whether it is Prem Pratap Singh of ‘Woh Saat Din’, Lakhan of ‘Ram Lakhan’, or Shivaji Rao of ‘Naik’ or the lunatics of ‘Welcome’, there is no character that people could forget even today.

There are a lot of characters in these roles that Anil Kapoor had asked for. The role that someone else was going to do as a superstar before but when it didn’t work out, Anil Kapoor played these roles on his own.

“I’m not ashamed to ask for work,” says Kapoor

Evergreen actor Anil Kapoor, who made 13 consecutive films in the nineties, says, “for me, success meant that I got film one after another.

“I never thought much about whether the film will be hit or not, I would arrive the next day to shoot my second film.”

“When people came to me and said that your film did not do well on the box office, I used to say, look at what a good scene I have done, this film will definitely be hit. in fact, it will be a super hit to watch.”

Referring to Anurag Kashyap, Anil Kapoor said that when I found out that Anurag was making Bombay Velvet, I tried to talk to Anurag so that I could get that film. I had to play the role of a gangster but he gave it to Kiran Johar.

“I feel bad But ok I said my time will come when I will work with them.”

All I can remember is the first time I encountered a camera in 1977. My first film was a Telugu film and it has been 40 years since I saw it and in those 40 years whenever I know that a director is doing a good job, I would go and meet him and ask for a job. I am not ashamed to ask for work.

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