Arnab Goswami’s Hate speech against Pakistan Costs him £20,000 in UK

UK charged Indian channel for propagating against Pakistan

Karachi: UK’s media regulator Ofcom slapped a fine on Indian TV channel and fierce anchor, Arnab Goswami for propagating against Pakistan and promoting an anti-Pakistan narrative. The British media regulatory authority, on Tuesday, charged a heavy fine of £20,000 in the UK.

Republic TV received a fine in response to on-airing an episode on 16 September 2019 in which the fierce anchor and the guests used derogatory and abusive treatment of Pakistani people.

According to Ofcom, the content aired on Poochta Hai Bharat was extremely offensive and “was not justified by the context”.

Ofcom, in a verdict, stated that India’s popular Channel which was fond of airing ferocious content against Pakistan, could not comply with the broadcasting rules, in the program hosted by controversial Arnab Goswami.

Republic TV and its anchor, Goswami, largely support Indian PM Narendra Modi’s narrative.

When the show was broadcasted, Ofcom notified Republic Bharat about the complaints it had been getting against the Indian channel in “highly pejorative” remarks were used.

another channel that broadcasts Republic Bharat in the UK is also restricted to repeat the show in the UK and will have to broadcast a “statement of Ofcom’s findings”.

The discussion in the show was on India’s space mission to the moon that left Bharat red-faced with embarrassment as the mission turned out to be a huge failure last year.

Mumbai police have also alleged the channel for trying to provoke enrage in the audience in order to get a rating. Poochta-Hai-Bharat,-Republic-Bharat,-6-Sep-19-fYKSo

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