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Rinstra, a digital platform where you can showcase your talent

Now Pakistani talent has its very own digital platform

700Karachi: Good news for Pakistan’s emerging as well as proven talent on the launch, 21 Dec, of Rinstra platform as they can have their original content published and make a living out of this digital platform.

Rinstra is allowing national and international talent to have a life-changing chance to promote their skills on Pakistan’s first-ever digital forum.

The state-of-the-art technology platform with content including Romance, Satire, Thriller, Music, Cooking, and Candid Celebrity Talk Shows, written and directed by renowned industry names including Haseena Moin, Mehreen Jabbar, Shah Yasir, Imran Mehboob, Erum Binte Shahid, Farheen Chaudhary, Sohail Javed, Sadia Jabbar and many others featuring Pakistan’s proven and emerging talent.

RINSTRA Launch Ceremony
RINSTRA Launch Ceremony

On the occasion, Dr. Adil Akhtar, Co-founder, and Chairman Rinstra Technologies said, “This is a milestone for Pakistan as it will give creative people a platform in the era of advanced technology”.

“Individuals with creative skill and idea will bring about a significant difference and diverse narratives” he added.

Talking to, Akhtar further said, “our multi-faceted technology platform will provide opportunities to the current and upcoming talent in multifaceted forms”

Through the ultra-modern platform, people within Pakistan and beyond can earn a living for generating engaging original content, added the chairman and co-founder.

The Chief Executive Officer of RINSTRA Technologies, Amir Jahangir said, “RINSTRA will prove to be a milestone for the media industry in Pakistan and will be a pivot for the industry”.

Continuing, Jahangir said that “the content creators will start taking charge of their content by discovering, creating, showcasing, and monetizing.”

The Chief Creative Officer of RINSTRA, Misbah Ishak Khalid expressed her views, saying “I sincerely believe that creative people in Pakistan are marginalized, due to not being recognized as part of a vibrant industry in the country”.

She added, “RINSTRA will create an ecosystem, where the
creative people, especially our youth, will have opportunities to explore new content, new stories, and new ideas.”

Rinstra has partnered with multiple companies such as Google Clouds, Amazon AWS, Microsoft 365, Akamai, and Verizon Media.

Rinstra, a digital platform where you can showcase your talent
Rinstra, a digital platform where you can showcase your talent

Pakistan more than 76.38 million Internet users,
which increased to 35% by January 2020. Meaning 37 million more users are joining social media. New users are connected to the framework every month. The penetration of social media pages for 17 per cent of

Pakistan’s digital industry has a large population consisting of 164.9 million.

while almost 800,000 additional smartphone connections are added to the system monthly.


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