BBC HARDtalk show host reveals about the interview

The very famous HARDtalk host praised the PML-N leader for being 'a very direct speaker'

Karachi: Stephen Sackur, the host of the BBC’s Hardtalk, said he enjoyed the “pretty intense” conversation with the former finance minister Ishaq Dar earlier this month, in which he was asked some exhausting questions, leaving him lost for words.

Dar was faced with heated questions from the host in which he tried to banish the impression that he was away from the law. The Sackur asked, “You are a wanted man in Pakistan, are you here in London to escape the judicial process.”.

To which the former finance minister replied by denying the statement that he has escaped from the judicial process, he also added that the political history of Pakistan where corruption rhetoric has been used repeatedly during dictatorships over the last 73 years and the current government is also said to be a judicial martial law.

Sackur also said in an interview that “I was delighted that Ishaq Dar wanted to be on the show.”

“We want to and we are making a very conscious effort to cover Pakistan more thoroughly in HARDtalk so when he said he was happy to come in and give us the interview, we were very delighted about that.” added the Hardtalk host.

The very famous HARDtalk host, Stephen Sackur is the show’s presenter for the best part of 15 years and he also praised the PML-N leader as well, saying he was “a very direct speaker”. He only wished to coax information out of the opponent for the benefit of Hardtalk’s viewers, he wants to elect information and enlighten his viewers and he thinks that this is the spirit in which he does the show, he also focused on the respect of the opponent as much as anything.”

He also stated that the PML-N leader Ishaq Dar himself wanted to come on the show.

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