Sindh High Court orders to release four people accused in Daniel Pearl Murder case

The accused have been in jail for 18 years without any charges

Karachi: Sindh High Court annuls notification of detention of the accused in Daniel Pearl murder case. The court has ordered the immediate release of four accused including Ahmed Omar Sheikh from jail

The Sindh High Court ordered that the names of all the accused, including Ahmed Omar Sheikh, be included in the ECL. The accused have been in jail for 18 years without any charges.

The court ordered the accused to appear when summoned by the court.

Earlier, the special anti-terrorism court had sentenced Ahmed Umar Sheikh to death, while the other three accused were sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Sindh government had challenged the High Court’s decision in the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court has rejected the provincial government’s plea, but the release of the accused Omar Sheikh was halted.

The Supreme Court later refused to extend its stay order.

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