PTA sends notice to Google and Wikipedia to remove unauthentic misleading information about ‘Present Khalifa of Islam’

PTA has asked to remove Mirza Masroor Ahmad as Present Khalifa of Islam

Karachi: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issues notices to Wikipedia and Google Inc. for disseminating “sacrilegious content’ as it has been receiving a plethora of complaints about the misleading information on these famous sources of information platform.

Earlier, there were news and video messages making rounds on social media about the “Present Khalifa of Islam” since the inauthentic and misleading information was uploaded by the Ahmadiyya Community. Not only did they uploaded wrong information but also uploaded an inauthentic version of the respected Holy Book of Islam, the Quran.

This act escalated rage and lament among Muslims and therefore, they resorted to reporting the apps of Google play and Wikipedia.

In this regard, PTA decided to approach these companies to remove the content from their sites and apps, and sent a notice to “immediately remove the unlawful content”.

PTA sends Notice to Google and Wikipedia
PTA sends Notice to Google and Wikipedia

A host of numerous complaints were received regarding the caricatures of the Holy Prophet.

The notice that PTA has shared on Twitter also states that if these “platforms remain non-compliant then PTA will take further action under Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 (PECA) and Rules 2020”.

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