The Historic Trade-free deal between UK and EU

Both sides will cooperate on key issues including security, travel, and climate change

Karachi: The UK and the USA were reached Thursday, less than a week before the UK is due to leave the EU’s trade rules. After nearly years of talk, the UK and the European Union have struck a free trade deal.

Both sides will cooperate on key issues including security, travel, and climate change and there will be zero tariffs and zero quotas on goods. Before the end of Brexin transition period, UK and EU officials confirmed on Thursday that both sides are agreed on a deal after weeks of intensive talks in London and Brussels.

A Downing Street official said on Thursday that “Everything that British public was promised during 2016 referendum and in the general election last year is delivered by this deal.”

The Trade agreement has to ratified by the U.K and EU parliaments in the coming days, with a vote in Westminster due Wednesday. The deal has praised by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier agreed that it was a day of relief but “tinged with some sadness”. EU fishing vessels will continue to have access to U.K waters. Negotiations on fishing quotas will be on an annual basis after that.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, criticized the new UK-EU deal and said that it strengthened the argument for an independent Scotland.

She said on Twitter that “And there is no deal that will ever make up for what Brexit takes away from us. It’s time to chart our own future as an independent European nation.”

On the other hand, the Leaders from around the world cheered news of the trade deal struck on the eve of Christmas, more than four years after Britons voted in a landmark referendum to leave the EU.

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