Coronavirus cases and deaths around the world

COVID-19 casualties continue to rise in several countries of the world

Karachi: Coronavirus has hit the world hard, the total number of cases exceeded 80,310,571, the total death toll reached 1,759,746, recovered cases were 56,604,651

COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise in the United States, according to details. After 1,200 more deaths, the total death toll rose to 338,263, with another 1.5 million cases reported. In the United States alone, the total number of cases exceeded 1.92 million.

In India, another 22,000 people fell victim to coronavirus, while in Brazil, the number of cases reached more than 74.48 million. Another 29,000 cases were positive in Russia, 26,000 in Germany, 20,000 in France, and more than 19,000 in Italy.

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