Stella Tennant, British Supermodel dies at 50

The UK supermodel was born on 17 December 1970

Karachi: Stella Tennant has suddenly died shortly after her 50th birthday. The family said that the British model’s death was “sudden” while the police said there was “no suspicion” found regarding her death.

The UK supermodel was born on 17 December 1970.

In a statement, Tennant’s family informed “with great sadness” to announce her sudden death on 22nd December.

The British supermodel was an inspiration and a wonderful woman who eschewed the conventional feminine styles which made her stand out in the fashion industry.

Tennant’s family, including her children and husband, lamented and said that “she will be greatly missed”.

She was the most sought-after of the ’90s model. the fashion-star was born to UK aristocrats and started her modeling career “accidentally”.

Photograph by Reuters
Photograph by Reuters

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