Faheem Ashraf has so much potential, Younis Khan

Mohammad Rizwan is looking like a mature and senior player, he added

Karachi: Pakistan’s batting coach Younis Khan says Faheem Ashraf has so much potential to be a good bowling all-rounder.

Khan said that Faheem Ashraf is playing the role of an all-rounder, hopefully he will continue his excellent performance.

The 42-year-old batting coach said that no runs were scored from the top order but he did spend time on the crease. Had there been a good partnership in the top order, the situation would have been different now.

He said that Mohammad Rizwan played well in England and his innings, today, were completely different.

He continued, Mohammad Rizwan is looking like a mature and senior player, if he continues to play like this, Pakistan will benefit a lot.

The partnership puts pressure on the opposite team. A two-three partnership of 100 runs in an innings is very beneficial. The same thing happened in New Zealand’s innings, they put up a long and ended up scoring 400 runs.

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