“Imran Khan can do anything but will not give NRO” Sheikh Rasheed

During a press conference in Islamabad Sheikh Rashid Ahmed criticized the opposition parties

Karachi: The Interior Minister, Sheikh Rasheed said that Prime Minister Imran Khan can do anything but will not give NRO under any circumstances and neither will the NAB cases end.

According to details, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed during a press conference in Islamabad criticized the opposition parties and said that everyone’s fight is less than Imran Khan and more with NAB, their fight is to forget Manzoor Paparwala and other cases.

Sheikh Rashid said that you will see that the opposition parties will not resign and it is hoped that they will participate in the Senate elections.

He said that computerized resignations are meaningless, if they have to be given, they should be in written in order to be accepted.

Talking about former president Asif Ali Zardari, he said that yesterday Asif Zardari talked about filling jails, Asif Zardari spent more time in hospital than jails, Asif Zardari knows what to do to avoid the effects of jail.

“There is a difference between a long march and a long march. If they come to Islamabad, we will consider setting up a reception camp. We have removed the checkpoints. We will park police vehicles there,” he said.

He said that the dream of PDM Long March will never be turned into reality. He further said that Patwaris would be eliminated in Islamabad. We have decided to merge unnecessary departments.

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