The new coronavirus variant detected in 3, Sindh Health Department

KARACHI: Sindh Health Department, on Tuesday, informed that a new coronavirus variant that was found in the United Kingdom has been detected in 3 samples taken from passengers who recently returned from Britain.

The health department took a specimen of 12 UK returnees for genotyping out of which six came returned positive for the coronavirus. “3 showed the new form of COVID-19 in the first phase.”

The press statement said the genotyping shows it to be a 95% match of the new variant initially detected in the UK. The authorities have begun tracing patients.

According to the Sindh Health Department’s spokesperson Meeran Yousuf. The specimen will be inspected for the second round of genotyping.

The provincial health department, on Tuesday, has informed PM Imran Khan’s Special Assistant Dr. Faisal Sultan of the development.

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