WhatsApp announces 3 new features for users

Good news for the users

Karachi: Leading messaging and calling mobile app WhatsApp has announced the addition of 3 new features for the users before the start of the new year.

According to the details, WhatsApp is going to incorporate 3 novel features on the occasion of New Year to provide security and convenience to the users.

1. The policy of new rules and regulations

All WhatsApp users will have to agree to the new WhatsApp rules and regulations in 2021. If the user does not agree, he/she will have to delete the WhatsApp account, while the WhatsApp policy will be updated on February 8. Could possibly be changed.

2. Multiple items can be pasted on the chat

According to Web Beta Info, WhatsApp Beta for iOS ( will be the first beta of WhatsApp which will allow users the ability to paste multiple photos and videos in WhatsApp in the new year. This lets users select multiple photos and videos from their photo gallery, export them to tape, and paste them.

According to Web Beta Info, with this feature, when you open WhatsApp and paste different items in the chat option, all the images and videos will be added, after which you will be able to send these images to whomever you want.

3. Audio-video calling on browser and desktop

The good news for desktop WhatsApp users is that the new year will see the introduction of an audio-video calling feature for WhatsApp users, according to WhatsApp Beta Info, a site that tracks WhatsApp updates.

This feature will allow users to receive calls online just like a smartphone. However, this new feature of WhatsApp will initially be launched on a limited scale and the call buttons will also have a beta label.

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