First US Congressman dies of Corona

Karachi: Newly elected member of the US Congress has died of the coronavirus

Luke Letlow was recently elected to Congress and according to British media reports, was due to take the oath of office on Sunday.

Letlow’s fellow congressman confirmed that he had contracted the Covid-19 on December 18, after which he was rushed to a hospital the next day, where he was placed in intensive care on December 23 and died on December 29.

The deceased has left his wife and two daughters.

However, G.E. Ghali, LSU Health Shreveport Chancellor says that his death was a result of a heart attack, not covid-19. Ghali said that Letlow did not have any “underlying conditions”.

According to news reports, Gov. John Bel Edwards mourned Letlow’s death and shared this “heartbreaking” news on Twitter.

Edwards wrote, “It is with heavy hearts that @FirstLadyOfLA and I offer our condolences to Congressman-elect Luke Letlow’s family on his passing after a battle with COVID-19 #lagov

He further announced on Twitter that he hopes “all of the people of Louisiana will join Donna and me in praying for Congressman-elect Letlow’s family, especially his wife Julia and their two children, his many friends, and the people of the 5th Congressional District. #lagov“.

Louisiana’s congressional delegation is also aggrieved at the news.


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