Nawaz Sharif’s passport will be revoked on 16 Feb, says Sheikh Rashid Ahmed

Karachi: The Interior Minister, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, on Wednesday, said that PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif’s passport will be revoked on 16 Feb.

While speaking to reporters in Islamabad, Sheik Rashid informed that the opposition had been “exposed” as money launderers and people who had gained iqamas because they were not sincere with Pakistan.

The Interior Minister mentioned that the manual visa scheme had been obliterated. There have been questions about permits, but they’re being closed.

The former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif has been living in London as he was permitted to leave the country owing to medical reasons last year.

He further said that PTI’s government has also approached the UK’s government to deport Sharif. Shahzad Akbar, Special Assistant to PM Imran Khan

He said it was up to the British government to determine if the PML-N Supremo could be extradited.


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