IKEA to enter Pakistani market

Karachi: IKEA, a famous furniture retail company, is all set to come to Pakistan in the coming months.

IKEA is ready to launch its cost-effective product range to the Pakistani market. The multinational empire is notorious for its customer-friendly furniture and distinct designs.

A Pakistani ambassador, Mohammad Faisal, announced the news of IKEA ready to introduce its products in the local market

Dr Faisal informed about having to recently meet with an IKEA official, Dieter Mettke, who wanted to lead the multinational conglomerate’s operations.

Dr. Faisal wrote in a tweet,

“Met Dieter Mettke IKEA Deutschland. He is going to Pakistan to be in charge of Ikea operations. We look forward to Ikea opening up stores in major cities of Pakistan.”

However, the tweet was removed shortly.

IKEA is one of the world’s largest furniture retailers since 2008.

The international company also inaugurated its store in India in 2018.

IKEA, up till now, has nearly 271 stores in the EU, 14 in the UAE, 65 in North America, 11 in Oceania, 82 in Asia, and 2 in Africa.

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