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New Year’s celebrations have started

The world is entering into 2021

Karachi: New year’s celebrations have already begun amid coronavirus and despite the restrictions being placed on Festivities in an effort to curb the spread of the virus.

Australia's 2021 Sydney Harbour New Year fireworks celebrations
Australia’s 2021 Sydney Harbour New Year fireworks celebrations

Australia was the first to bid farewell to the pandemic year as it began its new year with an amazing display of fireworks.

Here is the video of the show.

The Sydney fireworks show took place while the crowds were not permitted to assemble to enjoy the sight, at the city’s harbor.

New Zealand also entered in 2021 with an outstanding display of fireworks.

It should be noted that New Zealand celebrated New Year’s Eve as usual.

New Zealand's 2021 New Year fireworks display
New Zealand’s 2021 New Year fireworks display

However, the situation in the UK is different as the festivities are muted in the wake of the new strain of Covid-19.

According to the BBC, “the annual new year light show has been called off”.

In England, the meetups are restricted whether with friends or family at the request of the PM Boris Johnson.

Ireland has banned all household gatherings. Unnecessary traveling is also restricted.

In Germany, there is a lockdown till 10 January 2021 while the “sale of fireworks”, according to news reports published on BBC, and public gatherings are strictly not allowed.

The Netherlands, according to the news, is in lockdown till 19 January.

Turkey will impose a lockdown for four days.

The US has also placed tight restrictions on New Year’s celebrations.

Nonetheless, Pakistan is ready to ring in 2021 in a matter of hours. In major cities of the country, public gatherings are prohibited.

People are, however, hopeful about the coming year as they are excited to bid farewell to the covid year.

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