350,000 units Xiaomi Mi 11 were sold in just 5 minutes

The value of these sales was over 230 million dollars

Karachi: A resounding success, at least in China, where the company sold over 350,000 units in just 5 minutes, was Xiaomi’s newly launched Mi 11 flagship. The value of these sales was over 230 million dollars.

Xiaomi’s phones are usually loved by the users and of all the models; Redmi Note 8 and the 8 Pro, in 2020, were one of the top five best-selling smartphones.

The Mi 11 is about to launch in China in January which will be available for sale in two different ways, one with a 55W Gan Charger, and one without it.

Xiaomi has chosen to make its own CEO a brand ambassador for the Mi 11, which is rare when corporations typically go to celebrities in the sporting or film industries. A picture of himself posing with the flagship phone was shared by Executive Lei Jun on Weibo.

The company decided to feature Lei Jun when a fan requested to make him an ambassador because of his popularity.

On a special edition of the Xiaomi Mi 11, there will be a Lei Jun signature carved on the back of the mobile.

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