Engin Altan cancels contract with Kashif Zameer

Karachi: Turkish actor Engin Altan Dziyatan also known as Ertugrul Ghazi has called off his contract with Pakistani Tik Toker Kashif Zameer, who invited the actor to Pakistan.

According to the report, Turkish Drama lead, Engin Altan Dziatan canceled a million contract with Pakistani Tik Toker and businessman Kashif Zameer and will no longer come to Pakistan for shoot.

Engin Altan revealed in a statement that he is withdrawing from an agreement with a Pakistani private firm based in Sialkot owned by Pakistani businessman Kashif Zameer.

The Dirilis: Ertugrul’s actor provided no reason for abruptly canceling his contract with Kashif Zameer’s firm.

A 1 million dollar project was signed between the Turkish actor and Pakistani Tik Toker according to which Engin Altan was appointed as his business ambassador. In this regard, the Turkish star also paid a visit to Pakistan last month.

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According to a local report, Engin Altan has rescinded the agreement saying that he wants to promote bilateral relations between Pakistan and Turkey.

The Turkish actor has also postponed his upcoming tour of Pakistan this month.


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