Usama Murder Case: Police sealed records due to discrepancies 

Karachi: On the morning of January 2, Islamabad police sealed off all records related to the killing of Usama Satti on the orders of senior officers.

According to the report, police officers told on condition of anonymity that the records had been sealed because of disparities.

Records show a vehicle moving from the G-10 signal to police lines, a sub-inspector who was among the officers who shot the young man, stopped the vehicle near the G-10 signal.

Another record reveals that the car was stopped and stopped at the G10 signal.

While the third record revealed that the car was stopped at the G-10 signal.

After which, the police officers opened fire on the car, killing the teen in the car.

According to another record, police opened fire on Usama’s car in G-10, which was heading towards Peshawar turn.

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Meanwhile, a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) formed by Chief Commissioner Islamabad Amir Ali Ahmed began investigating the case.

The JIT recorded the statements of five police officials, who were involved in the murder, and arrested in the case.

The team also visited the spot and inspected the area and examined Usama Satti’s car with the help of the National Forensic and Science Agency (NFSA).

The NFSA will report to the JIT on the bullets fired at the vehicle and the marks.



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