Donald Trump to remain blocked From Facebook and Instagram for 2 weeks, Mark Zuckerberg

Karachi: Mark Zuckerberg, on Friday morning, announced about keeping Donald Trump blocked from Facebook and Instagram platforms “for at least the next two weeks”

The Facebook CEO decided to restrict President Trump until the peace is restored after the rioters’ attack at Capitol hill.

Trump’s accounts are temporarily blocked owing to his social media posts that incited his followers to violence.

Zuckerberg said that the ban is extended “indefinitely,” until Biden takes over as President.

On Thursday both Trump’s accounts were removed over the concerns of violence.

Before that, Trump’s Twitter post was right away restricted when he sent a video message asking his followers to stop and “go home”. However, the video statement had some false claims about the US election. Trump in the video called the election “stolen”.

Twitter flagged Trump’s video statement as “disputed claims”.

Read, Twitter bans Trump’s video statement on account of potential violence

Zuckerberg said that Trump, in the past, has been violating Facebook’s policies.

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