Facebook, YouTube and Twitter should open their offices in Pakistan says Justice Aamer Farooq

Karachi: Justice Aamer Farooq said that Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter should open their offices in Pakistan so the content published on these platforms will be monitored.

The statement by Aamer Farooq came to light during a hearing of a petition against the film Lady of Heaven’s release.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) approached owners of Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube in an attempt to remove the trailers of the blasphemous film Lady of Heaven.

The PTA informed the judge that it can send letters to YouTube, but can not remove any content on the platform, neither is The Ministry of Information able to delete such violating content that goes against the belief and religious values of Pakistan.

To which Justice Aamer Farooq suggested that had the social media platforms Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter opened their offices in the country, it will be easier for the authority to keep a track of the content on these sites.

Later on, the court added that these matters should only be monitored by the telecommunication authority.

The court has adjourned the case until next week and ordered the PTA to submit a copy of the Social Media Rules.

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