Imran Guarantees to visit Quetta if Hazara community Buries the slain Martyrs today

Karachi: Prime Minister Imran Khan guaranteed the Hazara community that he will pay visit to Quetta today when the dead bodies are buried. It is not appropriate to make the burial conditional on the arrival of the PM.

He further discouraged the trend of blackmailing the Premier as it will give set a new trend and said “Anyone will do the similar” .

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Imran Khan reminded that the Government has accepted all of the grievers terms but it is absolutely wrong to insist to bury their dear ones after PM’s arrival.

Addressing the launching ceremony, Khan said that PTI government has given assurance to the families of the brutally killed in Mach attack that they will be compensated.

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He also informed about the outside [Indian] forces to be involved and responsible for the chaos that took place in Quetta with Hazara community.

The attackers on Sunday, Mach coalfield area, slit the throats of 11 coal miners near a mine site in Balochistan.

Moreover, the slashers filmed the entire gruesome incident which they later uploaded online.

After which the militant Islamic State group took the responsibility of the brutal attack in Mach.

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