Harassment case: The Supreme Court grants singer Mesha Shafi’s appeal for a preliminary hearing

Karachi: Meesha Shafi’s hearing appeal against the Lahore High Court has been approved by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The Supreme court, according to the details has granted the appeal of singer Mesha Shafi for a preliminary hearing as the SC demanded an explanation on the definition of “sexual harassment”.

In a tweet, Meesha Shafi shared the news and said “Tomorrow, the Supreme Court of Pakistan hears my appeal on whether I, a ‘self-employed person’ have a right, as per the law, to be heard after being harassed and therefore expect justice on merit as an equal citizen.”

Noor Ejaz Chaudhry also took to Twitter and informed in his tweet that the “Leave granted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in Meesha Shafi vs The Governor of Punjab to consider whether all women, including students, are covered under Pak’s harassment law.”

He went on to write that “We’re very proud today & for Mr. Khwaja Ahmad Hosain for the most brilliant advocacy!”

A notice has been served to Ali Zafar along with the Advocate General Punjab.

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