WhatsApp founder’s explanation comes to light after so much criticism

Karachi: The new policy will not affect users and their data will not be shared with anyone, explained the WhatsApp head. “Neither we nor Facebook can see your private messages or calls,” added Will Cathcart.

Will Cathcart, head of the Leading social and messaging mobile application, WhatsApp, has explained the new policy after severe consumer criticism over the change in the privacy policy.

Will Cathcart took to Twitter to clear the air confusion that sparked so much debate on social media platforms aimed at lashing out at WhatsApp’s new policy.

He assured the users that they will not be affected by the new policy and their data would not be provided to anyone.

Cathcart said due to end-to-end encryption, neither we nor Facebook can see your private messages or calls.

He clarified in a detailed statement on Twitter, which was also retweeted by WhatsApp.

The owner said, “we are committed to providing this technology and defending it globally and updated our policy for transparency.”

the head of WhatsApp explained that the company updated its policy for the sake of transparency and to provide better optional people-to-business features.

The application will only let Facebook access commercial data to aid people involved in a business that wants to target consumers.

“At our core, that’s the ability to message or call loved ones freely protected by end-to-end encryption and that’s not changing,” he added.

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