Jawad Ahmad pays tribute to Indian protesting Farmers in his song

Karachi: Pakistani renowned singer, Jawad Ahmad, in his recent track paid homeage to the peasants in India who have been protesting for their rights. The song soon becomes viral on social media.

The song was released in December last year and received millions and thousands of views as of now.

The farmers stood up against the law, introduced by Modi’s government, that arguably threaten and snatch their due rights.

The legend singer, Jawad Ahmad, raising awareness about labour rights and other issues via his ode, ‘Kisaana‘.

The veteran singer is of the view that this song will motivate peasants to remain resilient in their struggle for rights.

Talking to Indian media Jawad Ahmad said that, the third world countries, like India, are predominantly agrarian that are based on primitive tools and methods of agriculture.

Therefore, “we need farmers’ movement” to get them their rights added he.

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