Youtube’s new feature will benefit sellers

Karachi: Shopping links inside videos could soon be added by YouTube. The video streaming site will experiment with embedding links within videos that it says would assist both sellers and users.
In order to help creators connect with the viewer and have useful references through other YouTube channels, the platform also uses connections in the form of cards and banners.
A few viewers on YouTube reported having seen a shopping bag icon at the bottom left corner of the video.
According to reports, only a select few creators are part of the pilot program to access direct shopping links on Youtube. The US YouTube viewers on Web, Android, and iOS are able to see the pilot program. The objects featured in the videos are then listed by clicking on the icon.
When released, the new feature would help developers and influencers have shopping connections that are quickly accessible. The description box under the video is commonly used by most developers to include related links that range from relevant references and even shopping pages.

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