Donald Trump to bid farewell to the presidency

Karachi: Donald Trump the 45th President is all set to bid farewell to the presidency that proved to be full of turbulent, divisive, and often violent era in US history

Today, the outgoing president is preparing for his departure ceremony before the inauguration of Joe Biden on Wednesday.

The 45th president, during his final hours in the office, is also scheduled to issue almost 100 presidential pardons.

Trump is considered to want a magnificent military parade and large crowds of followers and political partners, however, it is yet to be decided whether or not he will get it all.

According to sources, through Trump’s advisors, he has debated if he should take the unprecedented measure of forgiving himself that some scholars say would go against the US Constitution, however, he is believed to have decided against it.

After reports that the FBI was preparing to vet all 25,000 soldiers deployed in Washington during Biden’s inauguration amid fears of an insider attack, the acting defense security said it had “no intelligence indicating an insider threat”.









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