K-Electric to meet the growing demand for electricity

Karachi: Chief Executive Officer – K-Electric Mr Moonis Alvi, informed that K-Electric’s BQPS-III, 900 MW power plant is under rapid development work. BQPS-III, Gas Turbine and Steam Generator for First Unit of 900 MW Power Plant Arrive at Bin Qasim Power Complex.

The Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has already given approval to Electric to lay gas pipeline for BQPS-III, 900 MW power plant. Mr Alvi further informed. The installation of the relevant gas pipeline will help meet the growing demand for electricity in the coming years, Monis Alvi told in a press conference.

In the initial phase of this year, the first unit of 450 MW will be operational by the coming summer while the second unit will be operational by the end of the year, the CEO said.

BQPS-III, 150 MMCFD gas contract has already been finalized with PLL for 900 MW plant, CEO Electric

Timely steps towards GSA with SSGC are essential, CEO K-Electric further hoped for in a press conference.

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