What’s Trending on Twitter Today?

Twitter is one of the most powerful platforms that can change the history of politics and even start a movement. We see daily news that so and so politician and actor said whatsoever, and the next minute it starts trending. Today we have brought some of the most trending hashtags to you. However, there is no guarantee that you would like them all, some would be the cringest of all.


A video started to make rounds on social media as #BoycottCannoli and #BoycottCafeSoul started trending on Twitter and people became outrageous at the two women making fun of a man [manager] who apparently is not fluent in English. The ladies are the owners of Islamabad’s Cannoli, Cafe Soul. Here is the cringy video:

After a despicable video was published on different social media platforms people couldn’t stop coming after the owners and took a toll on them.

Another tweet is just hilarious.

Some men are appalled by the fact that people will not call it “workplace harassment” when women are doing it.

Others are labeling them as “Parhe Likhay Jaahil


Twitter is flooded with birthday wishes for the deceased Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput as today is his big day. Soon #SushantSinghRajput started trending on Twitter because his followers shared some heartfelt greetings.

Sushant’s fans also posted his pictures.


in 1990 at least 52 people were murdered on the Gaw Kadal bridge in Srinagar on January 21 since then Kashmiris observe this day and remember the victims. The incident took place as the Indian troops had opened indiscriminate fire on peaceful protesters in Gaw Kadal in Srinagar. According to Wikipedia, the tragedy was described as the worst massacre in Kashmiri history by some authors.

Some still remember the incident with reference to fake investigations.

A social media user shared the pictures of two martyrs who lost their lives and one received 18 while the other received 32 bullets in an effort to protect the protesters.


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