First Space Museum to set up in Pakistan

Karachi: Fawad Chaudhary, the Federal Minister of Science and Technology made an important announcement during a meeting, the National Astronomical Observation Commission’s Science Committee is likely to erect a space museum in Islamabad.

In a tweet, Fawad Chaudhary broke the news about “a pioneer initiative”, that has been started to establish Pakistan’s first-ever space museum within the period of 8 months.

In Shakarparian Hills, an observatory will be built to monitor the moon other magnificent ‘celestial bodies’ in the skies.

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Moreover, 5 astronomical ‘observatories’ will be established in Gwadar and Islamabad.

He also announced that the provincial governments have been instructed to build space museums in all the provinces of Pakistan.

The Ministry has played its part in assisting the National Disaster Response Authority amid trying times when the world is met with a global pandemic by supplying locally made ventilators.

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The Ministry of Science and Technology claims to have been making some great developments in the realm of science and technology.

The minister also wrote in his tweet that the future of the cosmos should be explored by gazing at the moon and beyond the stars.

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