The dollar depreciated against rupee last week

The dollar weakens against the rupee last week as Pakistan sought 10 billion dollars for finance over the next three years through various World Bank projects.

20% reduction in government import bill due to intermittent decline in global oil prices, Rising remittances strengthen the rupee.

The dollar continued to depreciate against the euro pound and riyal on Saturday.

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In the interbank market, the dollar fell by 64 paise to close at Rs 160.10.

In the open currency market, the dollar fell 45 paise to 160.30

The British pound’s interbank rate fell by 77 paise to Rs 219.19 during the week’s trading.

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In the open market, the British pound depreciated by 50 paise to Rs 219.50.

The euro, in the interbank market, depreciated by Rs 2.41 to Rs 193.39 while in the open market, the euro depreciated by Rs 1 to Rs 194.50.

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