Facebook is likely to tackle harmful ads content

Facebook recently has said that it is working on tools to stop ads containing political and criminal topics to curb hatred and violence.

The social site will test “topic exclusion” controls with a small number of advertisers before it officially incorporates the tool on its platform.

According to the Facebook authorities, it will furnish advertisers the ability to weed out a particular type of content from appearing close to their ads.

The company explained that a children’s toy company would be able to avoid content related to “crime and tragedy,” if it like. Other topics will include “news & politics” and “social issues.

Facebook recently mentioned that it is building tools that will help advertisers prevent their ad from certain topic placements in its News Feed. The tool would take a year.

In the aftermath of racial unrest sparked by the May 25 killing of African American George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, Facebook has underscored its moves to stem racism.

To develop standards in this area Facebook and Google (Youtube and Twitter) are working with advertisers and agencies

“We invest billions of dollars each year to keep our community safe and continuously work with outside experts to review and update our policies,” a spokesperson said.

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