Bulgarian climber dies on K2

During an adventure on Pakistan’s K2, a Bulgarian mountaineer plunged to his death, his team said Friday, the second individual to die in weeks on the world’s second-highest peak.

Seven Summit Treks — a trekking company leading the expedition — said Atanas Skatov, 42, fell as he was changing ropes during his descent to basecamp.

“[It] seems some errors occurred and he fell down. We had fixed the mountain with new ropes”

A rescue helicopter, according to Bulgarian media, has been requested. Confirmation is expected from Seven Summit Treks soon.

Atanas Skatov’s body was later recovered, as per the Alpine Club of Pakistan also confirmed the incident. and flown his body by a Pakistani military helicopter to the nearby city of Skardu.

A team of Nepali mountaineers made a record on K2, Skatov’s death comes just weeks after when they became the first to climb it in winter.

Ali Saltoro, Alpine Adventure Guides in Pakistan, informed that Atanas Skatov had fallen while descending from Camp 3 after a fixed rope snapped.


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