Kangana Ranaut makes tall claims on Twitter

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has once again made absurd claims declaring herself to be the most ‘talented’ actress of this ‘planet’.

This time around, the indian movie sensation spoke along the lines of being more capable than ‘any other actress on this planet’.

The actor even went too far that she even compared herself to Hollywood star Meryl Streep asserting that, “I am open for debate if anyone can show me more range and brilliance in craft by any other actress on this planet. I promise to give up my arrogance, until then I can surely afford the luxury of pride.”

She turned to twitter to assert about her talent.

Ranaut continued to add, “Massive transformation alert, the kind of range I display as a performer, no other actress on this globe can right now. I have raw talent like Meryl Streep for layered character depictions but I can also do skilled action and glamour like Gal Gadot.”

After making tall claims about herself, many called the Bollywood actress pretentious and a narcissist to which she answered, “Please prove my claims wrong or illogical will accept my statements as gloating disorder then. If you can’t, you too have to accept [that] in this world of mediocre hyenas, which will do anything to look through genuine talent, modesty is not good. Not at the cost of HONESTY.”

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