A silent killer Smog can reduce lifespan, says PM

LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran khan during as he spoke in an inauguration ceremony in Lahore for the Gillani Park Urban Forestation initiative said that smog is a silent killer that diminishes the life span of a human and is posing a great hazard to developing cities.

He also remarked that the former governments never paid much attention to the climate change problem.

Climate change is a great challenge to the whole world as it is affecting counties to a great extent and Pakistan is no exception.

Imran Khan also said about the government’s decision to address the climate change issue and added that PTI’s government is taking measures to prevent its negative effects.

Premier said that during the last decade Lahore has lost 70% of its tree cover owing to urbanization but surprisingly no one saw what’s coming ahead and realize the impact it would have in this time.

Counting the persistent effects of smog because of lack of green cover, Khan said that 6-11 years of a human’s lifespan are reduced.


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