Ayman Khan breaks silence on the accusation of buying Instagram followers

Pakistani actress, Ayman Khan is the second most followed on Instagram. She has nearly 8 million followers on social media.

However, social media users speculated that Ayman Khan’s followers are not real but are fake and paid followers.

Users also say that the celebrity has not done any significant work in the showbiz industry enough to be remembered for years.

And since marriage, she has not appeared in any project or drama, so how is the number of her followers increasing? Users believe that she must have bought followers with money.

Recently, Ayman Khan, along with her husband Muneeb Butt, was seen in the show “Time Out with Ahsan Khan”, the show’s host Ahsan Khan asked her about the veracity of her Instagram followers.

Ayman Khan clarified and replied that my Instagram followers are 100% organic. I don’t know why people ask questions about it.

Pakistani celebrity added, “I joined Instagram at a time when very few people were on the app.” And gradually my followers increased, however, I never planned to put any content on Instagram.

“There was a time when I didn’t even have a picture to post,” she said.

I post when I have content to post and this works for me.

It should be noted that Ayman Khan is the second most followed actress on Instagram, followed by actress Aiza Khan who has 8.1 million followers.

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