Firdous Ashiq Awan: “PTI is the guardian of farmers’ rights”

Islamabad: Punjab Chief Information Secretary Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said on Tuesday that the ruling PTI will strive for the welfare of farmers in Pakistan.

“It’s not just the water running through rivers but also the sweat of our farmworkers that drive Pakistan’s economy and flourish agricultural,” she added.

The CM’s assistant said, in accordance with his responsibilities, the provincial irrigation minister took innovative steps.

She also said that agriculture, the most important industry, was neglected, which affected not only farmers and smallholders, but also barren land, leading to discouraging agricultural production outcomes, little prosperity for farmers, and a shortage of digital technologies.

Awan blamed the Sharif clan’s lack of emphasis on the agricultural sector, remarking that the “royal family made Jati Umrah its focus of attention”

She added that the royal family, “the Jati Umrah state as the entire Pakistan or Punjab”. Nonetheless, she also spoke of the PTI regime’s aims and efforts for the agricultural sector.

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