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Is ACCA Topper’s achievement overshadowed by the Pawri girl video?

"Pawri horae hei" girl's video is talk of the town for weeks, instead of a global prize winner for scoring the highest marks in the ACCA.

It has almost been two weeks now since we are seeing the viral video of the social media influencer Mobeen as she shared the short clip of her enjoying the trip.

But amidst the chanting of “pawri horae hei” we seemed to forget the biggest achievement by the Zara Naeem Dar.

Zara Naeem Dar is a Pakistani student who recently aced the financial reporting exam of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) which was conducted in 2020. She won the global prize winner as she scored the highest marks.

Pakistan’s government acknowledged the news by dedicating a post to the prodigy. They shared on Monday, “A very proud moment for Pakistan as Zara Naeem has been declared the global prize winner for scoring the highest marks in the ACCA.”

In order to appreciate Dar, Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar also took to Twitter. “This, I keep hearing. Give a fair chance to Pakistani girls and they will take on and beat the best in the country. He wrote, “Proud of Zara Naeem and wish her the best for her future goals.”

Nevertheless, news of Dar’s achievement did not get as much attention as the ‘pawri’ video of Dananeer Mobeen, which went viral recently this week. From social media users, celebrities, and athletes to Indian content creator Yashraj Mukhate recreated the video. Today, on Twitter, the contrast between the two has raised some concerns.

As soon as the Indian composer made the song, it all started trending quickly and hit 10 million views in a matter of two days on YouTube.

Now, to understand where the interests of most Pakistanis are, Twitterati is drawing comparisons between her and Dar. There’s a girl on the left who made a random video a few days ago and almost every Pakistani today knows about her. You see a girl on the right who tops the ACCA tests worldwide.

“The international media talked about Mobeen, but hardly anyone of us knows about Dar,” a Twitter user complained.

Another posted images of the trove of TikToker users along with Mobeen and wrote, “On one side we have these people who are known by most Pakistanis and on the other, we have students like Zara who score the highest marks globally. It’s all about PRIORITIES.”

“Congratulations [Zara Naeem Dar]. But this can’t be in the news because we can’t celebrate this as much since we are quite busy with making memes on #pawrihorihai,” one more remarked.

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