Sharif’s passport expires today

Karachi: The Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) leader’s passport will be expired today on 16 February which will not be renewed as the former PM’s name is on the Exit control (ECL).

While speaking at the media conference, Sheikh Rasheed declared that if someone’s name is on the no-fly list then his passport cannot be renewed nor can he get a new passport.

Sheikh Rasheed said “I won’t lie, I was among those who voted for him to be allowed to fly abroad,”

Interior Minister also said that if the PML-N leader wills to come to Pakistan then the government can grant permission to him in 72 hours.

However, the Interior Minister claimed that he was among those in the cabinet who voted to let Sharif go overseas to obtain medical attention.

Talking about the forthcoming Senate elections, the Interior Minister said that the upper house elections would be “no surprise” maintaining that Prime Minister Imran Khan would be competitive in the polls.

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