Twitter pays tribute to Ali Sadpara ‘RIP, legend’

After Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s family pronounced him dead, Twitter soon started paying tribute to the ‘lagend’.

The legend’s son, Sajid Sadpara informed the heartbreaking news on Thursday saying that he will keep “father’s mission alive and fulfill his dream.”

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Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara was long with two other foreign climbers who were pronounced dead as well.

Sadpara, John Snorri of Iceland, and Juan Pablo Mohr of Chile left for their journey after Sadpara’s birthday on February 3, asking the admirers to pray for them.

In the early hours of February 5, they began their attempt at the final summit, aiming to achieve the herculean task by the afternoon.

Pakistani mountaineer Sadpara goes missing during an expedition

Snorri posted on his Facebook account on Friday, at 12:29 pm, “the GPS stopped working and had not been updated for six hours after that.”

Ali Sadpara’s management disclosed that the government and other stakeholders were doing their best to search for Sadpara and the other climbers, despite the fact that he went missing for almost 10 days.

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