‘Anti-Pakistan rhetoric was defeated’, DG ISPR

In a press conference, Major General Babar Iftikhar briefed journalists regarding the updates

Rawalpindi: Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) on Monday, held a press conference in which he said that Pak-Army has successfully defeated the anti Pakistan narrative and restored peace and stability across the country.

On the occasion, he also revealed that there were 1684 incidents of cross-firing on the Pak-Afghan border Fence work on the Pak-Afghan border is 84% ​​complete.

In 4 years, 353 terrorists were killed. So far, more than 48,000 landmines have been recovered during the operation he mentioned.

another significant success the Pak army made was the Radd-ul-Fasad operation that was started when terrorists were attacking the innocent population of Pakistan. Adding that Intelligence agencies work hard to catch large terrorist networks.

He continued and said that More than 1,200 militants have surrendered in four years. On the one hand, a message Pakistan largely defeated the extremist rhetoric. On the other, more than 37,000 police personnel have been trained in four years.

Many people were evacuated, Major General Bajar Iftikhar maintained, during the operations, he said during the conference, whereas 5,000 people prone to extremism have been made a useful part of society.

Moreover, there has been a marked improvement in law and order in Karachi.

The journey from terrorism to tourism has been extremely difficult and patient, Pakistan Army’s spokesperson reported.

The last year we have also been dealing with natural disasters. The census was conducted successfully added DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar.

Pakistan Army, DG ISPR further said that it will continue to control the situation if every Pakistani would continue to support like this

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