Maryam Nawaz says Govt’s plan ‘backfired’

Maryam Nawaz, vice president PML-N, on Wednesday, stated that the government was going to recover money from Nawaz Sharif, but the plan “backfired”.

The vice president PML-N, who spoke to the media said the government had conducted a “systematic rigging” in the Daska by-election. Maryam claimed that the polling was intentionally slowed down to thwart PML-N.

Maryam asserted that in the by-elections the party had indisputable evidence to prove the rigging and requested that the election commission serve the people of Daska and Pakistan with justice.

“The voters were kept out of the voting process by slowing down the polling process […] re-election is needed not only in the 20 constituencies but in the entire constituency,” she stated.

“In addition, she took shots at the government, claiming that the national exchequer had suffered losses from “flour, sugar, and energy robbers” and that the money of the people was spent on “revenge.

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