Shahid Afridi unable to understand ICC rules

Former Pakistan cricket captain and all-rounder Shahid Afridi hinted at the International Cricket Council (ICC) that its directives should allow umpires to hold items from bowlers.

On Monday, Boom Boom Afridi turned to Twitter to implicate the issue that when umpires are in the same bubble as the cricketers, why bowlers should not hand over caps and other things to umpires.

After when cricket was resumed across the world following the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, new rules were in place to follow.

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The Multan Sultans cricketer went on Twitter to ask that as umpires shook hands at the end of each match and were in the same bubble as the management and cricketers, the ICC had put the rule in place.

According to the rules, the council ruled that during practices, there would be no loo intervals or players would be permitted to hand over their caps or sunglasses to on-field umpires.

He mentioned in the tweet.

Last summer, as cricket limped back to normal with coronavirus infections rising in many countries around the world, the ICC adopted new guidelines to ensure social distance for cricketers.

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