K Electric announces “KHI Awards 2021” for companies providing services in Karachi

Karachi: K-Electric, one of the largest power companies in Pakistan, has launched an award program called “KHI Awards” as a major breakthrough.

The purpose of which is to encourage the institutions which have accepted and adopted the city of Karachi in the name of hope, peace and development. The purpose of these awards is to commemorate the fertile history of Karachi and to belong to all walks of life. Institutions, especially social entrepreneurs

And to pay tribute to the innovative business ventures that work socially, infrastructurally and culturally for the betterment of Karachi.

Announcing the awards, K Electric’s Chief Executive Officer, Monis Alvi, said: “Our relationship with Karachi is more than 107 years old and goes beyond electricity supply. Being an integral part of this important and steadfast city, we serve it and are committed to its development.

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K-Electric has a very strong sustainability program aimed at becoming economically independent through health, education, and community upgrades and also expects to partner with other organizations through K Electric KHI Awards who, equally, are committed to the development of this city.

By building solidarity and cooperation in our efforts, we will be able to make greater progress collectively. As part of a company whose existence depends on the development of this city, and as a resident of this city, I expect these awards to help future social organizations focus on solving community problems and We will also encourage Karachi to enable infrastructure development, as both are key components of NEPRA’s CSR Vision ‘Prosperity with Power Supply’.

The KHI Awards platform is in line with the guidelines of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which will provide grants in the form of discounts on electricity bills for 12 months.

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It will enable those investing in the social sector to focus on the betterment of Karachi and its residents. Such projects and proposals will be given priority in these awards.

Which will directly benefit the citizens of Karachi through community improvement initiatives and infrastructure development in the following 13 categories.

These categories include Education, Public Health, Community Improvement, Inclusion, Employment and Vocational Training, Heritage and Culture, Digital Access and Financial Inclusion, Sports, Safety (Road, Fire, Home, Personal), Sustainability and Environment, Women’s Empowerment. Includes creation, social service and new entities (less than 12 months old)

Companies wishing to participate should apply on Electric’s website.

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