Twitter users remembering 27th Feb, #WorldsBiggestTeaParty ‘On Surprise Day’

Pakistanis are enjoying the day when a cup of tea cost India’s MIG-21.

On 27 Feb, the whole world is busy commemorating last year’s revenge against India and Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s kidnapping.

Since then, India has been brutally embarrassed in a number of international forums, and it is now getting what it deserves. The Australian cricket analyst Dennis Freedman has revealed a funny ‘surprise’ to add to the fun.

Dennis Freedman Tea Party

The cricket enthusiast is currently in Pakistan for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) V, having the time of his life and, obviously, biryani. Former Pakistani cricketer Misbah Ul Haq had previously been trolled by Dennis Freedman following PSL appointments. This time, though, Dennis Freedman is initiating the ‘World’s Greatest Tea Party’ along with the Pakistani nation to celebrate ‘Surprise Day.’

Moving into the moment, Australian fan Dennis Freedman declared a worldwide party on Twitter today. ”Celebrate February 27 in style with the #WorldsBiggestTeaParty,” he said, referring to the gathering as the “Worlds Biggest Tea Party.” A worldwide occurrence of absolutely monumental proportions. To learn how to participate, watch the video. People from all over the world are welcome.”

Twitter users are enjoying the #WorldsBiggestTeaParty

On the same day in 2019, during Operation Swift’s retort, Indian pilot Abhinandan was captured by the Pakistan Air Force. Abhinandan was offered a cup of tea and sent back to India by the Pakistanis, who set a brilliant example of hospitality. The Indian commander said that he called the tea “fantastic”!

The Pakistan Air Force shot down Indian planes violating the country’s airspace leaving India red-faced and their pilot, Abhinandan, had just arrested Abhinandan.

The Director-General of the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army, ISPR, in a statement issued on the social networking website Twitter, said that

“Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian fighter jets violating Pakistani airspace.”

Twitter users seem to be enjoying the day as these Hashtags are trending #surpriseday, #Abhinandan, and #27Feb.

Here are some of their thoughts:


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