A 23 yr old girl leaves a video message before committing suicide

Ahmedabad: Ayesha Khan before committing suicide recorded a video to send the message to her husband and jumped into the Sabarmati river.

The video of an Indian 23-year girl went viral on Monday and social media users are demanding justice for Ayesha Khan.

She even called to her parents prior to suicide saying that, “I have set my husband free and I want to jump now.”

According to the details, Ayesha’s parents continued to console her but she said she can’t withstand the troubles any further, the fight should stop.

In a heart-wrenching occurrence, a 23-year-old young girl took her life by committing suicide after jumping into the Sabarmati river in India.

Before she died she left a video on her mobile telling her that she is taking this decision of her own free will and nobody has forced her for anything.

In the video, Ayesha gave a message to her father, “I am happy and I want to die in peace, I don’t want to fight, I love Arif.”

Ayesha also made a phone call to her spouse before ending her life.

The case has been registered against Ayesha’s husband according to Riverfront West police.

The team recovered Ayesha’s body and notified the police.

According to the reports obtained, Ayesha wedded in the year 2018 to Arif Khan. Subsequently the marriage, Ayesha was harassed by her spouse and in-laws over dowry.

Ayesha had filed a complaint against her husband, mother-in-law, and father-in-law.

She also registered a case of domestic violence in court. Later, Ayesha began working in the mutual fund department of the bank.

In the viral video, Ayesha told, “Dear Dad, when will you fight your case? Don’t let Ayesha fight because she doesn’t want to fight. If Arif wants freedom, then he is free. Let’s live our life, this is the opportunity. I am happy, I will meet Allah, I will tell him, where did I go wrong? I got good parents, wonderful friends but something either lacked in me or my fate.”

“I have nothing to say now. Understand that the almighty gave me a short life,” she continued.

She also explained, “One thing I learnt from this life is that one should never go with unrequited love and some people are so ill-fated that their love is not fulfilled even after their marriage.”

Standing near the Sabarmati river, the 23-year old girl said, “This is a lovely river and I hope it absorbs me, Main Hawaon ki tarah hoon; main behna chaahti hoon… Main khush hoon aaj… Mujhe duaon me yaad karna, kya pata jannat mile na mile (I am like the winds; I want to flow… I am happy today… Remember me in your prayers. Don’t know whether I will go to heaven or not)”: these were her final utterances.

Her father, when she called her parents, asked her to calm down and not to take any step.

He also begged her to talk to her mother. Ayesha broke down while talking to her mother and confessed, “All that has happened is enough, I am frustrated, I can’t tolerate it anymore, He (her husband Arif) wants freedom, I will give him the freedom.”

Her parents kept comforting but she hung up the phone. This was the last conversation between Ayesha and her parents.

The Ayesha was shifted to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced brought dead. Police have lodged a case of abetment to suicide against her husband Arif.

Here is the video by an Indian news channel.

Here is another video in which she recorded a phone call. Ayesha can be heard crying and telling her parents what happened.

Twitter was soon flooded by the hashtags #SabarmatiRiver #Ayesha and #Ahmedabad as users demanded justice for the girl.







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