Corona takes 52 more lives in a single day across Pakistan

KARACHI: Coronavirus continues to take a toll on people as 52 more people lost their lives in a matter of 24-hours while 1579 cases were reported so far.

According to the stats published on National Command Operation Center (NCOC), 37998 tests were conducted within a day, reaching a total number of 9135393 tests.

The total number of deaths that occurred so far reached 13128. A total of 155 critical cases were reported while 556769 people successfully defeated the virus.

In Sindh, according to the NCOC, 4,405 deaths, 259,164 confirmed cases, while 248,478 recoveries have been reported so far.

55 more deaths from coronavirus in Pakistan, 2,123 new cases reported

Across Punjab, 5,510 deaths, 175,051 confirmed cases while 163,752 recoveries were reported since now.

In Balochistan 18,779 recoveries, 19,097 confirmed cases whereas 200 deaths occurred in the region so far.

The Coronavirus takes 63 more lives in a single day in Pakistan

The situation remains the same in Gilgit Baltistan however the number of deaths is not as much high as in other parts of Pakistan. In GB 102 people fell victim to the virus while 4957 cases were confirmed and 4850 people were able to defeat the virus.

In Jazad Jammu and Kashmir, 10,409 cases were confirmed, 308 deaths were reported and 9,393 recoveries took place.

The cases were not any good in KPK as 2099 people died and 73,258 confirmed cases were reported, however, 68,946 people were able to recover from the virus.

Pakistan: 82 more people died due to Corona

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