Karachi to celebrate women’s day

Besides the Aurat March, which is scheduled to take place in Karachi’s Frere Hall on Monday, activities related to the International Day have already been organized across the megacity, The News announced on Sunday.

International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world each year on 8 March.

The key goals of these activities are to increase awareness of women’s rights in society.

Women Conference

The Second Women’s conference began on Saturday at the Pakistan Arts Council in Karachi. The two-day celebration, which will be hosted in accordance with International Women’s Day, will end on Sunday (today).

Awareness walk

Besides that, the Jamaat-e-Islami declared that the women’s arm of the party would be holding an awareness march outside the Karachi Press Club tomorrow in the context of International Women’s Day.

Jazba project

To promote women’s inclusion in politics, two civil society groups—South Asia Partnership Pakistan and the Aurat Foundation—announced the launch of Jamhuriat Aur Baikhtiar Aurat (Jazba) on Saturday.

The initiative seeks to improve the involvement of women, immigrants, disabled people, and transgender people in public and political institutions by affecting the supply and demand side of governance.

15-points of Aurat March agenda

Aurat March organizers indicated that they would prolong their demonstration if the government failed to fulfill the demands set out in the 15-point Aurat March agenda within a given timeframe.

Sheema Kirmani, regarding this, renowned classical dance, and member of the Aurat March Organizing Committee briefed a news conference at the Karachi Press Club on Friday.

She warned the government to enforce the laws formulated to protect women effectively.

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