A Young TikToker hangs himself in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: A 20-year-old TikToker allegedly, on Wednesday hanged himself in Peshawar after his marriage proposal was refused.

The boy was identified as Shahzad Ahmad who had 0.3 million followers on the popular social application. According to details, he had tried to take his life in the in past but was saved.

As per police, Shahzad’s brother Sajjad lodged a complaint in which he mentioned that on Saturday he was looking for his brother but he was unable to find him there.

His brother said when Sajjad went into another room, where he found Shahzad hanging from the ceiling fan.

Shahzad was rushed to the hospital where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

According to reports, he took his life after he was met with a refusal on marriage proposal.

His told police that “He was in love with a girl but her father turned down his marriage proposal repeatedly after which Shahzad was really depressed and he committed suicide, ”

Police have begun inquiry into the case.

Shahzad’s friend Amir, said that Shahzad was a TikTok star and he had a huge number of followers.

“Two years ago he was reached by a girl who declared to be his fan. Later, a friendship turned in to love but the girl is only 16-year-old and studying in school,” added he.

Amir also elucidated that Shahzad had asked the girl’s hand in marriage, which was immediately turned down since the the girl is under age.

“The girl told him that they will not be speaking or seeing one another again  which resulted in Shahzad eating 50 sleeping pills.”

“But he was hurried to the hospital and saved,” he continued.

He also added, this incident led to redevelop his relationship with the girl for a while.

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